Başkanımız Prof. Dr. Hasan Özkan Hırvatistan’da

Dernek başkanımız Prof. Dr Hasan Özkan, Hırvatistan Gastroenteroloji Derneği başkanı Prof. Miroslav Simuniç ile görüştü. 17th International Euroasian Congress of Hepato- Gastroenterology toplantısının Hırvatistan'da yapılması için 21-24 Eylül 2017 tarihindeki Hırvat Ulusal

Euroasian Gastroenterological Association

Since 1996, when Euroasian colleagues met in international congresses or other meetings, a great enthusiasm and a friendly approach were the prominent feelings between us. We were always thinking that we must do something in the Euroasian Basin for our speciality, something to unite us as a family, a tool to help each other, a weapon to strength

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